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The Aon Orthotics & Prosthetics insurance program strives to provide you with the best insurance solutions and service - and now provides you with risk management information tailored to meet your needs as an O&P business owner. We are proud to bring our expertise, market knowledge, and unparalleled client services abilities to you - our valued O&P client.


Minors as patients: What you need to know

Most O&P business owners have a good sense of requirements related to adult patients, but many find themselves on shakier ground when it comes to care of patients who are minors. Yet minors tend to carry more risk for litigation because of their unique status in our society. To protect yourself from liability, it’s important to understand the legal and regulatory requirements related to minors and to educate staff. Click here to read more.


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Charting Guidelines: A guide in creating a good patient chart to help minimize the potential for loss to your organization.

We understand the issues with orthotics and prosthetics (O&P), and can guide you in creating a good patient chart to help minimize the potential for loss to your organization. Click here to read more.


Risk Management Articles: Stay informed by reading our articles of interest and risk management tips.

Know Thy Neighbor; and other valuable lessons from a severe fire loss - In this case, Company A was a prosthesis fabricator serving numerous clients. Company A was one of 20 other businesses who leased space in a three-story textile mill. Though rehabilitated, the building was over 100 years old. Click here to read more.