Aon O&P Insurance Program Corporate Identity Protection


If your computer is broken into and your client records are stolen, can you afford the fallout?

Computer break-ins by 'hackers' are becoming all too common today. They go after social security numbers, credit card information and account passwords. They cause trouble and cost innocent people money.

According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, they responded to 116 calls for assistance from cyber-attacks in 2010, and 342 by September of 2011.

Thankfully, now there's an easy, affordable solution for orthotic & prosthetic manufacturers and suppliers…

Introducing Corporate Identity Protection.

Consistent with our goal to constantly enhance the Aon Affinity O&P Insurance Program, together with our carrier partner we've developed an endorsement you can add to your policy, called Corporate Identity Protection.

This new coverage is designed to:

  • Cover claims resulting from data security breaches of third party information.
  • Cover an investigation, settlement or formal adversarial administrative proceeding against you by a government agency.
  • Pay reasonable expenses to mitigate the potential for a personal identity loss after the attack.

This includes the cost for a forensic investigator to determine the extent of the breach, credit file monitoring and public relations expenses to protect your reputation.

For rates and coverage details contact Aon today.

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